why searchconduit.com is coming in google chrome

I dont want searchconduit.com. I want www.google.com in my first page.

While opening Google chrome, it shows searchconduit.com as the home page. Unfortunately, chrome will not finish loading and then crashes. Changing the home page back to google.com in the settings will not work either, the browser will hang and do nothing. I also tried removing chrome and download/install a newer version but the problem still exists.

This problem only happens on Google Chrome browser, it has not affected my Internet Explorer so as Firefox. Please help me resolve this.

Thanks a lot.

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  1. logicboy says:

    First of all, Conduit claims that the add-on is not a malware. They provided an email address conduit.support @ gmail.com so that anyone having problems may contact them directly.

    How to Remove Search Conduit from Google Chrome

    Now, to restore Google Chrome’s home page, please try this procedure.
    1. Open Google Chrome and click the “wrench” icon located on upper right corner.

    2. On sidebar menu, click on “basics”.

    3. On Home Page settings, be sure that “open this page” is set to www. google .com or any other address you prefer as home page.

    4. You should also see Search, click on “Manage Search Engines”, highlight Google and click on “Make Default to set it as your homepage.

    5. On the same area, highlight SearchConduit and click the “X” to remove it from the list.

    That should solve your problem. It is also advisable to run a virus scan to make sure that you have no contamination in your PC.

  2. Sabrina sai says:

    logic boy is right. you can uninstall that toolbar so that it wont come as your first page or else change the default page to google.

  3. Joel Davis says:

    I have the same problem. The search bar is exactly the same but i have a conduit logo instead of the google one. I did what logicboy said. But it still has the conduit logo instead of google. How can i remove it?

  4. methodist says:

    There is a better solution you can find on this page:

    Try it. Hope this time you will get rid of the conduit adware.

  5. Alex Duvot says:

    Its basically the same thing the steps are for Internet Explorer, the 1st instructions are correct for Google Chrome.

  6. carislei says:

    just click on the customize and control google chrome at the top most right side of the browser then find for settings >
    On startup click Set pages then X or remove conduit.com then set desired default url.

  7. Very Grateful says:

    Google has moved on since this page, and the exact setting have changed, but nethertheless Logicboy did it for me – THANK YOU: change the home page back to Google and the search engine back to Google, kill Searchconduit.

    Where did I get Searchconduit from??

    British effing Telecom open wi-fi that’s where.

  8. FOUND IT says:


    For Google Chrome: Wrench/Tools/Extensions…for me it came up Yontoo…someone said it would be disguised as utorrent or bitorrent…I deleted ALL my extensions just to be sure because this was such a pain to get rid of!

    Thank goodness it is GONE!!!!

  9. FOUND IT says:

    …..ps….this was after I reset the home page to Google (Wrench/Settings/Show Advanced Settings/Network/Change Proxy Settings/General—-retype your home page)

    And….removed conduit from….

    (wrench/settings/On Startup/Open specific page…/—delete conduit.com)

    That should do it :)

  10. kayla b says:

    I did remove the search conduit from google but every time i open up the internet it still pops up.

  11. very pleased says:

    OMG thank you so much FOUND IT!!!! I finally got rid of the wretched conduit search engine and am now enjoying my good old friend google :)

  12. Andrew says:

    I annoyingly had this on my laptop too (using Chrome). You need to go into the settings and under ‘start-up’ you’ll notice that it has been switched to ‘open on a specific page or set of pages’, you can click on the set pages and conduit will pop up, just delete it. You can also reset to say ‘open the new tab page’.

    Problem solved

  13. Bilykity says:

    How to remove conduit form google chrome

  14. Bilykity says:

    how to remove conduit from google chrome?

  15. HELP! says:

    Help! I can’t get rid of it!!

  16. HI There says:

    Its not possible to get rid of it xD

    I changed all the settings, but it still comes up, oh well, just like the babylon tool bar.

  17. Bunts says:

    All that business about changing settings is beyond me, but here is my simple solution: uninstall chrome then reinstall it. It takes but a few seconds and conduit ain’t there. If you want to save your bookmarks, transfer them to Explorer, Firefox, Opera first then you can return them to Chrome afterwards.
    A bit messy but worth it to get rid of that particularly annoying piece of ………. (insert abusive term of your choice) which was slowing my machine to a crawl, except when it crashed everything.
    Good Luck

  18. Bunts says:

    Ooops. Forget that. The wretched thing has re-appeared after about ten minutes. Where did I put that hammer?

  19. jagdish says:

    Please uninstall utorrent from browser. I did and my problem solved

  20. Mark Casper says:

    To get rid of Searchconduit.com……Click the 3-lined bar, giving you custom control of Chrome. Go to Tools, then Extensions, and then Settings. Click On Start Up, and then, Open a Specific Page , click Set Pages. X-out searchconduit.com. It will then be permanently removed. It was a nasty one to find.

  21. Sara says:

    This worked for me- Google became again my homepage, but I still have search.conduit as a tool bar? And yes I made sure it was not on the list of search engines. I am confused.

  22. lini says:

    remove u torrent from the browser. that fixed it good :D hope this helped ciao

  23. Mia Dodson says:

    1) Search.conduit is not listed under the search engines for me to be able to remove or diable it
    2) It is not in installed Programs in Control panel.

    3) I have selected Google as my default search engine

    And Still conduit appears!

  24. sherif says:

    guys here is the answer , i have tried every thing mentioned above and sorry but it was useless .

    the solution is that you have to delete the extension called utorrent control 2,
    its disguised in it, once i deleted it the problem was solved right away.
    hope to be useful .


  25. Hugo says:

    Hi, I got rid of the NCH extension, that did it for me. Back to Google!!! :)

  26. robert says:

    got this search conduit off my google chrome Can any one tell me how to rid it from my internet explorer

  27. NAIKOM says:

    Go to your settings (three bars on the right top corner)
    Click on the hyper link that says ‘set home page” under “start up”and delete conduit

    Go to Manage Search engines.. delete conduit..

    TYPE : chrome://extensions/. on your address bar

    Click on the trash can symbol for White Snake (I think its called that) .. should do it..

  28. rufaro says:

    Thanks for the advice, problem resolved.

  29. stephen harris says:

    Finally found the solution on another forum:

    1. Click on Google Customize Bar on top right represented by 3 horizontal lines and select “Settings.”

    2. Click on blue highlighted ‘Set Pages’ in “On Start Up.”

    3. Move cursor so that it highlights ‘Conduit.” Delete ‘Conduit’ and enter Google, or web page of choice.

    4. Go down to 4th option in Settings, which is “Search.” Select Google or browser of choice. Lastly, click the “Manage search engines” box to the right. Delete ‘Conduit’ from the list.

  30. Mahnoor says:

    Hi Stephen i did what you said but when you said to highlight conduit it is not there so what should i do?

  31. Diane says:

    Thank you, Mark Casper and “Found It”. I got the bleeping Mixi DJ toolbar and all of its nasty downloads, including Conduit, when I downloaded Adobe Acrobat XI. Have spent hours trying to remove them all. Shows you can’t even trust presumably safe downloads.

  32. Diane says:

    Thank you, Mark Casper and “Found It”. I got the bleeping Mixi DJ toolbar and all of its nasty downloads, including Conduit, when I downloaded Adobe Acrobat XI. Have spent hours trying to remove them all. Shows you can’t even trust presumably safe downloads.

  33. Diane says:

    Thank you, Mark Casper and “Found It”. I got the bleeping Mixi DJ toolbar and all of its nasty downloads, including Conduit, when I downloaded Adobe Acrobat XI. Have spent hours trying to remove them all. Shows you can’t even trust presumably safe downloads.

  34. tom says:

    Firrst removed from add and remove programs. I uninstalled chrome, I re-installed it. Before I made any changes I went to settings, search engines and xed out conduit search. It’s been gone since, then I made adjustments. I use windows xp professional.

  35. nilochsaloob@yahoo.com says:

    It’s time to ditch the CHROME. These fan boys always get to beat up Microsoft… but when it’s their turn…they look away at google’s shameful browser vulnerability.

  36. Alex says:

    I uninstalled Conduit and all other suspicious extensions from Chrome, made sure Conduit search was removed from all the Settings and generally killed it dead, but I still got a conduit search bar whenever I opened a new tab.

    It turns out that Conduit installs a program called Search Protect, which maintains this behaviour from outside Chrome so it can’t be removed from within Chrome. It was difficult to find because Conduit appears as the name of the company, not anywhere in the program name. Once I uninstalled that, Chrome was finally Conduit-free.

  37. Sahay says:

    Where do find the Search Protect? Can’t find it..

  38. Kat says:

    Yes, thankyou! I went to uninstall programs and found Search Project, uninstalled it and it worked!

  39. Gary says:

    The solution for me was simple. I removed Chrome from my system then removed all vestiges of it and Conduit from my Registry and I will simply NEVER use Chrome again. By allowing this browser hijacker to download and install with their browser, Google has shown a total lack of regard and respect for their customers. So, I only think it’s fair to show Google the same lack of respect by unceremoniously dumping their product in the trash where it belongs.

  40. I fixed it says:

    Delete Google Chrome and use explorer and your choice of a home page,,,,,Google Chrome sucks and allows crap to attach itself to their browser…..I have seen it in numerous computers,as an internet service installer… everytime I delete chrome, conduit is gone with it…..piece of crapola!!!!!!

  41. Andy says:

    Thanks Alex. That worked perfectly. Now everything is back as it should be. No deleting Chrome or using other browsers, or getting frustrated about it. Just one simple uninstal.