Virus Found Win32/Heur



My computer is protected with AVG antivirus. Yesterday, I notice that something went wrong on my PC and it is running very slow than normal. I also notice that it constantly having serious errors especially when I am opening files. Few minutes after the weird things, AVG pop-up with “Virus Found Win32/Heur“ warning.

I run a virus scan using several online scanners. It detects some part of the virus on various locations. Some were found under Temp folders and Restore directories. However, that scan did not resolve the issue, the Win32/Heur virus is still on the computer. AVG cannot delete it.

I need a tool that can remove Win32/Heur from my system. I prefer instant removal because I am afraid that I might do something wrong while doing the manual removal process. I do not want the problem to get worst.


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