v9.com Portal on new tab and home page



My home page and new tabs are taken over by V9 Portal. Browsers only affected are Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, while Internet Explorer runs clean and no sign of single virus infection. This v9.com hijacker started to mess with my computer after installing a player downloaded from Cnet. I never noticed anything suspicious while installing the program. In fact, my browser starts to show en.v9.com and toolbar hours after installing the thing.

I have done everything I can to remove v9 Portal from my browser but none seems to work. Scanning the computer with several security tools is not helpful at all. Last thing I did was reinstall Firefox and Chrome, but then again, there is no success on that method.

I couldn’t think of anymore ways to uninstall v9.com Portal from infected browser. This is the reason why I am seeking help from forum readers. Kindly assist me because I really don’t know what else to do.


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