URL:Mal http://rk400.com



It’s been two days since my Avast antivirus started to show some warnings about malicious URL. When I open up the log file, I notice that it senses a URL:Mal http://rk400.com. I tried deleting the virus from the chest and it was removed. However, after restarting Windows, the same warnings will pop-up. The virus is still on my computer.

A technical person from another board suggested that I should run various scanners. I did run OTL, SuperAntispyware, and AdwCleaner. None of them found any item about URL:Mal http://rk400.com. I really don’t know what to do now or where to proceed. I am thinking of reformatting Windows to get this virus out of my PC.

I am thanking you guys in advance for helping me solve this issue. I’ll just wait for your replies.


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