Uninstall XP Antivirus 2013



Please help me remove a virus called XP Antivirus 2013. It has taken over my computer since yesterday. I have a little bit of knowledge in dealing with malware, but this one is giving me a hard time. XP Antivirus 2013 is blocking my access to task manager so I can’t stop the malware process. I can see the file under my UserProfile, but I need to stop it first before I can delete it. My Internet is also hampered by XP Antivirus 2013 virus and there is no way to download any tool. I only have one PC, so I need to repair it on itself.

I was lucky enough to have malwarebytes on my computer. The only problem I have is how to run it. Virus has blocked entire programs. I have attempted to boot Windows in safemode and hope that I can run the removal procedures there, but XP Antivirus 2013 won’t permit either. What can I do now? Please tell me how to remove XP Antivirus 2013 from the infected computer after it has disabled all the functions.


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