Uninstall vGrabber



I receive a video from my brother last night. Before I can view the file, it requires me to download vGrabber. Now that this program is on my computer, it starts to irritate me. It displays toolbar and modified some settings on my Internet browser. vGrabber virus also switch my default browser from Firefox to Internet Explorer. Ads are also popping-out from my desktop. I don’t know if it is due to the vGrabber program or there are already other adware present on my computer.

I tried to remove the vGrabber by removing add-ons and plug-ins but it did not resolve my problem. What would be the best solution to uninstall vGrabber from my Internet browser? Also, kindly advice on how can I make Firefox my default browser. I prefer this one because it is safer to browse the web with this program.

Thanks a lot.

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