How to uninstall My Web Search homepage and toolbar


Suddenly, I found a program called My Web Search on my desktop. The program is new but I never recall installing it. All I remember is I downloaded a ZIP program and installed it on my machine. When I open my Internet browser, my home page shows that includes some buttons and search box claims to be powered by Google. Also, seems that my browser is polluted with My Web Search tool bar. Lots of icons are added to the menu, which I think are useless. When I go to View, then Toolbars of Internet Explorer, there is no item belonging to My Web Search.

After reading various forums, most people disclose that removing and toolbar is difficult. I am not a computer tech kind of person, thus, removing the adware seems to be more complicated than what I have read. Please, if anyone here can give me simple ways to remove My Web Search, I will be very thankful. Is there any removal tool for this kind of program?

Thanks in advance.

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