Uninstall Disk Antivirus Professional malware



Hi, I have the Disk Antivirus Professional virus from my computer and this thing keep on showing me alerts. After searching the Internet, I found that it is hard to remove due to the rootkit that comes with it.

The trouble with Disk Antivirus Professional started when I download what I think was a useful program when I visited a Youtube-like web page. After the download, I notice that the Internet connection becomes slow as well as my PC. It took a while before I can open any programs. Then, all of a sudden, my computer restarts. When Windows opens, I can see the Disk Antivirus Professional scanner doing some tests on my system. I just let it finish and afterwards, gave me a result telling that my computer is flooded with viruses and Trojans.

When I tried to clean the PC, Disk Antivirus Professional prompts to activate the program first. It is asking for credit card info, which I am very hesitant to provide. That’s why I first Google the title and found that is a virus. After that, I tried to scan my computer but my antivirus software is not loading. Perhaps, Disk Antivirus Professional deactivates this security program on mine.

What else should I do if my antivirus software is not working? How can I uninstall Disk Antivirus Professional from my computer? If there are any tools that can instantly remove this malware, please send me the download link.

Thanks and good day to all of you.

Matthew S.

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