Uninstall Blabbers Zone and Companion



I don’t know how to call this virus. In my toolbar, it is named Blabbers Zone. While as an add-on on my Internet Explorer, I can see a Blabbers Browser Companion, so as in my Program files. When I run a scan using malwarebytes anti-malware, it detects a PUP.Blabbers.

This virus keeps on bugging my computer for almost a week now. I did several scans and found no threats inside my computer. Today, I decided to run mbam and it identified PUP.Blabbers as a threat. To my surprise, the scanner tells me that “No actions taken”.

Blabbers Zone or Companion is still inside my computer. I really don’t know how to remove it manually. Please, if anyone here who can give me solution to this problem, I will be very thankful. Also, please tell me if there are settings on mbam to automatically uninstall Blabbers from my PC after detection.


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