Trojan Skywiper and Trojan Flamer Removal Instructions



Hi, yesterday, after visiting a web site from RU, my antivirus shows an alert about a Trojan Flamer. I immediately leave the site and disconnect the Internet. Then, I rebooted the computer hoping that it can impede if there are any attacks happening on my PC. After a few minutes, I decided to turn it on again and after Windows boots up, my antivirus alerts me for a presence of Trojan Skywiper. After running a complete scan, the alert stops so I presume that the computer is now free from viruses.

I decided to run another scan using online virus scanner. It turns out that Trojan Flamer is stuck on my computer. The scanner was not able to remove the Trojan. It states that the file is in use by the system and deleting it may cause severe damages to Windows.

Please tell me how to get rid of these two Trojans from my machine. I need effective removal instructions. Thanks.

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