Torn TV virus removal



I can’t believe that I have acquired a Torn TV virus last night. I am downloading photo recovery software from Cnet and didn’t know that malicious file will also be loaded into my computer. Aside from Torn TV, other adware like toolbar and browser redirect malware also infected my computer. After several hours of scanning and manual procedure, I was able to get rid of the adware.

Right now, my only burden is this Torn TV virus. I have tried uninstalling the program from Windows add/remove function but it won’t allow me to proceed. Each time I attempt, Windows will prompt me for “corrupted file” or “missing file”. I am log-on as Administrator while running uninstall so it is not possible that restrictions are causing the error.

I am running out of options. Antivirus cannot remove it, so as other tools. Manual removal is not effective. What else should I do to remove Torn TV?

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