Hi, I’m infected with this TEDDY AFRO virus and any antivirus program Ive used cannot remove it. The file TEDDY AFRO.EXE keeps on multiplying on my computer and on our network. Please help.

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  • hey geniuses,please do something about this teddy afro.exe virus it’s really annoying me!!! i need help.

  • hello teddy i am expert volunteer virus analyzer if your pc is infected with teddy afro virus please send me the virus infected sample first zip it in a zip program then send me at father@safe-mail.net i will analyzer it and help you to remove it manually or possibly send you a custom made removal tool thanks
    so my email
    father@safe-mail.net zip the teddy afro.exe and attach and send me.

  • My PCis infected with Tedy Afro virus,please help me freely.

  • i created teddy afro virus, i’m not kiddin ppl and version 2 will fk your pc real good, i mean real good, and i didn’t go to university yet, 99.9% of CS graduates in ethio didn’t choose the subject but got it coz they got low results, thats y they are real $hit, i will be mastering C and assembly this year and will fk your pcs until i get bored,

    P.S. i’m pretty sure that emopia created dulla virus

  • and am santa clause

  • i don’t know what to say for this mind that want to create antivirus, pls why ,if u think that u are smart, why don’t u create something good that helps this society instead of wasting everyone’s time , energy and documents.
    why ? why? pls come on especially for Ethiopians, this is not our culture , it is not what our families expect from us. you know how they get grow us. it is not totally our goal.


  • This virus is the sign (reflection) of the bad sprit inside of
    you. u better to advise a priest or ‘sheik’ so that u can free from this damn thinking. but u wromg about the computer programmers in ethiopia. there are so many computer specialists related to virus programing and others in this country but they use their mind, their time, they knldge, they talent … to do something good, something that can bring happiness,… for themselve and for their people (the people who teaches their children without they were attending school).

  • “there are so many computer specialists in ethiopia”, thats the funniest thing that i have ever read!!!

  • please, some information give us TEDDY AFRO PC virus.

  • can u see wende

  • come on guys, by the name teddy afro. the virus writter is becoming stupid. use Avira it will Kill It.

  • Avira may delete the first version, but it will ruin your pc when it tries to delete the second version! SO PEOPLE TAKE CARE!!!

  • please everyone use Avira antivirus and please tell me your response

  • like i said, i used it to clean the first version and it did a good job but it ruined my pc when i tried to clean the second version! so PEOPLE TAKE CARE!!!

  • please everyone use Avira antivirus and please tell me your response by mb2004@ethionet.et

  • Avira may delete the first version, but it will ruin your pc when it tries to delete the second version! SO PEOPLE TAKE CARE!!!

  • I love Teddy Afro
    He is the hero of Ethiopia

  • @aklilu, no one is talkin about teddy afro dick head!

  • everybody, I swear dont use Avira for the second version, or use it AT YOUR OWN RISK.

  • were bicha ‘dedeboch’

  • @abr, ante dingay ras!!!

  • how to delete this virus teddy afro …….. I belive that this Teddy Afro is very stupid

  • you bitch ,teddy is your king, black ass

  • yes teddey is a king but he is the king of the person that he killed him in the road.

    What ever could u tale me the solution, “Ye Keyboard Jegna”.

  • hi geniuse,
    how can i remove tedy afro from my computer? from where can i get the proper antivirus for this fuken & stupid virus. please help me

  • U just need only to install Kaspersky Anti virus…It will remove teddy afro.exe virus

  • @abr ….u are also one of the Virus

  • Hi our ‘expert’!! You have to know that if you were twice as smart, you would still be stupid. Do you have a purpose? Do you know why the westerners create viruses? I have no doubt about your ignorance on this issue you idiot!!

  • joyeus anniversaire teddy j m appelle guedan from djibouti je vs souhaite un e bonne annee avec plein de sourir et joyeux et ke dieu te protege

  • I have seen the man behind this virus, he is a computer science student at addis abeba in some private college,he was at alemaya studing civil enginering.I admire the person who created tedy afro virus b/c it needs a high knowledge of programing language BUT one thing is that he must create the antivirus and send freely to the peole!

  • Hey are you crazy he is not the one, I know him.

  • hi everybody i’m proud. Coz loving,helping & sharing each other is our culture.
    pls every one who reads my message, help me. I didn’t get any antivirus to clean or protect from RECYCLER virus.what can i do?

  • It is easy to remove the worm (tedy afro)with avira free. please try and let the intruders ……

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