Sysenter Hook virus removal


village saint

Hello everyone. I’m a new user on this forum. I just would like to seek some help regarding the Sysenter Hook virus which was detected by AVG on my computer. I never installed any program neither download anything on this PC. It suddenly fails to open some programs and the performance suddenly became so sluggish. This is the reason why I run a complete scan of AVG antivirus. To my surprise, it identified a medium threat called “Sysenter Hook”. It cannot be deleted because according to the program, it was part of the operating system.

I did try running other scanners like Norton Power Eraser and Avast. Both found no threats on my computer. I am so confuse about this issue. It seems that no antivirus program may be able to remove Sysenter Hook virus on my computer.

When I posted this issue on another forum, they told me to run various adware and malware scanners like adwcleaner, malwarebytes, and similar tools. All of the scans came up empty. My computer appears to be clean or is it that Sysenter Hook is operating very discretely on my computer.

I really don’t know what to do now. I am not compatible working with a system that I know is infected with Sysenter Hook virus. Please help me.

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