System Security Firewall Alert popup

A pop-up window with title System Security Firewall Alert keeps on annoying me for almost 2 days now. It has a message “System Security Firewall has blocked a program from accessing the Internet…” There is an option to Activate or Continue unprotected, neither wont give me the solution. Reading from different web site, I have learned that System Security is a rogue program. Is the recommended program MBAM enough to remove this?

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  1. Nick says:

    Run hijackthis, remove HLKM\…\run: [1167537224] or any other odd looking programs that are enabled to load at boot, I also ended the process via task manager. I am currently running AVG Antivirus and Super antispyware. I’m going to run a spybot and maybe a malwayreBytes anti spyware, but I think I’ll have to manually remove this one using hijack this. I Also recommend removing the file where it shows its located using hijack this. Mine is in the applications data folder. You may need to enable hidden files/folders, locate the directory and remove it, also the file in:
    C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\748167987\

    C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\748167987\1167537224.exe

  2. JIm says:

    I found the same thing and Malwarebytes Antimalware updated 12/23/08 does not remove it. It looks just like Antivirus 2009 but the shield has black and gold diagonal striping.

    Still looking for a solution…

  3. Jim says:

    I’ve tried everything to get rid of the System Security Firewall Alert and haven’t had any luck. I;ve even tried to get Norton 360 tech support to help me but they want to charge me. So if anyone figures it out Please post how it was taking care of.

  4. Jim says:

    I found out to get the System Security Firewall Alert off my computer. I deleted norton 360 and put AVG free on. I let it scan my computer and it found it but it didn’t get it off my shortcuts so I deleted the shortcut to the trash bin and then cleaned the trash bin and so far it has worked. So I will never use Norton for anything again.

  5. James says:

    Webroot Spy Sweeper deleted the System Security popups but it took me two sweeps to finally remove the popups and then I did have to still delete the program from shortcuts.

  6. LAKAN MAGILIW says:

    download process explorer and autoruns from using process explorer kill the system security process, usually a set of numbers.exe (1167537224.exe for example). then open autoruns, uncheck the same .exe file. go to C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data. you may wanna set hidden files and folders to be view on the folders option. delete the folder named in numbers (C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\748167987, for example). do a spyware scan using your security program.

  7. todd says:

    I keep getting this system security firewall alert pop-up can anyone tell me how to get rid of it ? I have free threatfire and windows defender can I get rid of this crap and does anyone know how to get a hold of the people whom operate the system.

  8. robert says:

    Ok, This thing has been annoying me also. Thanks to reading Nick’s post I found where it was hidding.

    C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\1936027717

    But when I try to delete the folder it says that it cannot delete 1872770582: Access is denied.

    Whats next.

  9. Matt says:

    Before trying to delete, you need to go to Task manager and the check on the processes tab. You need to find the right process but it should look similar to what Nick mentioned and then probably .exe. End the process then delete and empty the recycle bin. That worked for me.

  10. naomi says:

    i managed to solve this problem by following nick and matt’s instruction; thank you very much.

  11. Cass says:

    OK here is what I did. Without the other posts I wouldn’t have got here. but..
    1 I clicked on the icon and clicked properties..
    Then on find target location.. With this open I went to the task manager and under processes, found the corresponding numbers. Right click on it and click stop process tree.. If you just stop process, it will come back. Once you have stopped process tree, go back to the window that you have the location target in and delete all folders in there.
    Empty the recycling. Restart your computer and fingers crossed it will be completely gone!!
    This thing can sure piss you off!

  12. moscow trinta says:

    hey you don’t need to worry about the system security firewall alerts. what you have to do is: go to C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data even if you type in this address(C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data) and then you will find one folder written in numbers (folder name) just open that folder you will find system security. just delete that folder and it will automatically delete or remove system security from your computer. stop crying .This solution is 100% correct to your problem. (IT manager)

  13. Michael R. Wolcott says:

    I have the system security firewall alert – and I need steps – baby steps – in order to get rid of this – it seems to have started as of Friday, January 2nd – and I am not an expert with the computer – so I need steps – one by one to instruct me on how to get rid of this thing.
    I have tried to download hijackthis – and the moment I try, my Internet explorer web browser closes right up.
    Could someone please take the time to help me with this problem? Thank you, Mike

  14. carolyn says:

    I tried everything nothing would work. I finally put it into my Norton quarantine file ran a scan and isolated it. I then went back to the application data file and was finally able to delete it.

  15. Ken says:

    The steps outlined above using task master and going to the application folder was very helpful to me. Webroot Spy Sweeper did not work, so the steps outlined above had to be taken. One note however, the number may be different for the spyware…in my case it had the number 677048592. But it is important to realize that any folder with a number on it in the Application folder is suspect.

  16. cassandra says:

    THANK YOU!!!!

    I did exactly what cass said and it was gone. Stupidest thing that happened to my computer.

    Thanks to all of you. I am so grateful.

  17. Steve says:

    Hi All
    the McAfee shredder deletes the files as well. Just run the shredder over the files in my doc’s and re-boot.


  18. Siadia says:

    moscow trinta’s directions works like a charm and they are easy to follow. Thanks.

  19. Kathy says:

    I found the file but I can’t open it. This is driving me crazy, can anyone help? Kathy

  20. LIsa says:

    HI, I also have this annoying pop up. I have tried to delete from c\documents etc but it is saying “access denied cannot delete. I am currently running Kaspersky Online Scanner as suggested on a different site, which seems to be taking forever! I am not vert IT literate and this pop up is driving me nuts!!

  21. LIsa says:

    I have restored my computer back to its settings before the system security pop up and fingers crossed it has gone!!!!! Hooray!!!!

  22. Dazza says:

    Hey guys and girls, We seemed to have removed it using the advice above with 1 extra thing which was set to our computer, Multi user options. We have multi users set on our computer and the system security would not remove ie:denied access to remove , we just went on all active users and made sure it was not active in the bottom right of the task bar , after that it removed without a problem , i hope this helps anybody stuck on removal.

    N.B a big thanks to all of the input from previous advice givers, it helped alot.

  23. frank says:

    thanks Matt (#9) did wat u said and that freakin annoying thing dissapeared. thanks!!

  24. Vicky says:

    My steps on removing “System Security Firewall”:

    1- I went to my desktop and deleted the icon.

    2- On my start menu, I typed “system security firewall” and it showed me the yellow and black icon, I right clicked and deleted that.

    3- I emptied my recycling bin.

    4- I went to my task manager, which I couldn’t find at first but then found it by right clicking on the time on the bottom right corner of my computer monitor.

    5- When I entered my windows task manager I clicked on the tab that read Processes which gave me a list of like 40 processes

    6- I found 2 processes that looked odd to me, so I clicked the first one (the image name ended in .exe) and in the description it showed an odd number like 711something (I don’t exactly remember) I then clicked End Process. I thought this worked but the pop up returned therefore I chose the 2nd one that looked odd to me which looked almost the same as the first one & then clicked End Process.

    Thank God, that thing was annoying as hell :)

    I realize that I might have gone through an overly complicated procedure to remove the damn pop up, but I was just simply explaining how I DID IT, I’m not telling you to do the same :) Hope it helped! ;)


  25. Jenna says:

    whooo! this workkeedddd thanks Cass!!

  26. che says:

    hey gud day, can anybody help meh.. hmm i have this annoying security firewall pop-up for a week now. i have tried to delete the application data 902339823, and it cant be deleted it says access denied. how will be able to remove this pop-up/alerts. your help is of great need. GOd bless

  27. missny says:

    go to C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data. you may wanna set hidden files and folders to be view on the folders option. delete the folder named in numbers (C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data) for example:246167987. You must have admin rights to the system you are logged in to or it will tell you it is unable to delete. Also, disconnect the internet when deleting the folder or it will try and reinstall it.

  28. Brittani says:

    Vicky’s works perfect for meeee.
    Thank you soo muchhh.
    I really thought that I had a zillion virusess.

  29. carol says:

    I tried deleting the folder, it started to delete then said access denied, i am afraid to eliminate it from the task manager because i dont want to delete other things.I dont know what to do , driving me crazy.

  30. craig says:

    thanks Matt [ #9 ]. It worked like a charm and i don’t have that irritating pop up anymore..Thanks much

  31. carol says:

    I solved my problem yesterday, I did the end process thing , then i found the files and deleted them and emptied my recyle bin, so far it is gone………….didnt need any thing else.

  32. McKiz says:

    This discussion really helped tremendously!! I read through the discussion…tried several things and this is what worked for me.

    My steps on removing “System Security Firewall”:
    From Vicky – Steps 1-3 – Thanks Vicky!!

    1- I went to my desktop and deleted the icon.

    2- On my start menu, I typed “system security firewall” and it showed me the yellow and black icon, I right clicked and deleted that.

    3- I emptied my recycling bin.

    Then I used Lisa’s idea of restoring my computer to the previous day….Thanks Lisa!

    How to restore your computer to a previous day:

    1. Click Start.

    2. Point to All Programs.

    3. Point to Accessories.

    4. Point to System Tools.

    5. Click System Restore.

    6. Follow the instructions on the wizard.

    Just Google search System Restore for more information.

    Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow :}

  33. Janet Heath says:

    After locking up and not being able to do anything at all, I decided to reboot and voila! the pop-ups quit and I could delete the folder that contained the virus in application data then emptied the recycle bin. All is well now, thank goodness! I thought I was going to have to take it in somewhere but not the case after all.

  34. karedia says:

    don’t download system security. it’s a virus that is bocking computer system. it is annoying me from last 2 days.

  35. Brian says:

    Thank you to everyone that posted advise on this forum. The version of this system security alert that I had on my laptop would not alloy me to open task manager or delete the file from the application data location. I could not even restore my laptop using the restore utility. The only way I was able to delete it was to open up my computer in safe mode and proceed from there. Anyway I wanted to say thank you to all who took their time to contribute.

  36. Frost says:

    Thank god for all of you this thing is evil…please get the word out on the annoying pop-ups..

  37. Ed says:


    This is the worst, most annoying virus/malware I have ever seen. Let me tell you how I am ending the nightmare.

    First of all, thanks to all of you who posted. Putting these pieces together definitely helped me.

    This malware got onto my business laptop. When turning on the laptop, the System Security pop-ups would almost immediately come up and render anything I tried to do useless. You cannot download anything off the Internet, change settings on your computer, or monitor your processes very long without the virus cutting it off.

    I downloaded Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware onto a CD-ROM from the Internet on my home computer and put it into the laptop and restarted my laptop. As soon as it showed my desktop I copied the file onto the desktop before the System Security pop-ups started. The advice about the processes is indeed good–if you can spot the “suspicious” process (it is a group of numbers followed by .exe) and stop it in time (right click and select “end process”), you can run the Anti-Malware program (if you do not already have an effective antivirus or otherwise that is updated) and it will find the worms and Trojans for you. It may take a few restarts of your computer (and hitting control, alt, delete to view your processes and end the System Security pop-ups) and a lot of patience, but you can do it. Other advice on here works, I’m sure, but thankfully there is more than one way to skin this cat.

  38. jessie says:

    I tried following the steps above….but my task manager says disable…and when I click on the firewall setting or the add and remove program…nothing shows up….please help. I am about to trash my computer.

  39. christiana Hena says:

    I am unable to download any of my files or documents. Keep getting message about security alert. I need to change my sitting.

  40. Erin says:

    This is super annoying!

    Everyone is right, as to where to find the virus
    C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data

    I had to go into safe mode to delete it (if you can’t get into safe mode, restart your computer and keep pressing F8 until the safe mode comes up)
    Once you are in safe mode, I had to type in that c:\ file drive in the “run” button.

    Once you get in there, delete it & the folder (about 10 digit folder) and then also go empty your recycle bin.

    Restart into normal mode and you should be good to go! It took me 24 hours to figure it out, but that’s where it is!

  41. vimala says:

    System security firewalls , Network and Application issues need a brief explanation about it.

  42. SC says:

    My computer has Vista on it and I could not find the files they were talking about in the above posts. I tried doing a system restore but could not get the system restore to work and then happen to wonder if I could do a system restore in safe mode. I went into safe mode (restart computer and while it is rebooting hit F8 repeatedly) and did a system restore there back to the day before. Crossing my fingers, so far it seems to have worked!

  43. voiceknight says:

    This Antivirus XP 2010 Alert is indeed an insidious beast! I have tried all that you guys recommended and it is still popping up constantly. I’m going to try running Malwarebyte in safe mode next.
    If anybody has a new idea please post it. Thanks.

  44. voiceknight says:

    The list of file names given on the web to be eliminated from process,
    registry and dll are not in my computer’s lists. And I’ve tried four malware eliminating programs with no success. Has anybody got an idea of what to do next?

  45. Mack says:

    Many thanks to Erin – I followed your instructions and went to Safe Mode to delete this horrible virus.

  46. H'J.WEOOTEN says:

    unwanted opp-ups are killing me all i want to do is get rid of them
    they are a bother and annoy me to no end they waste my time by delaying opening of my programs.

  47. Trishaaaa says:

    the laptop I’m using also has vista. my laptop has 2 separate users. i had received the “security center firewall” pop ups on my account, but my mother’s account has the administrator rights.

    i deleted the icon on my desktop, but couldn’t find it when i tried to type it in the start menu

    i tried typing in “C:/documents and settings….) but it kept saying “access denied” so then i went onto my mom’s account and typed it in but it still said “access denied” even when i went to folder options and checked the “show hidden folders”

    i open task manager but it doesn’t show any 10 digit numbers in the process tab

    only in safe mode am i able to not have those stupid things pop-up

    i have also tried system reboot to 2 days ago, but it has been unsuccessful

    its annoying & i need help!!!!!

  48. Trishaaaa says:

    to those who are having trouble getting on the Internet to download the programs, you can disable the virus from starting up by performing the steps below.

    1. restart your computer
    2. before the virus gets a chance to start up, once your desktop appears, quickly go to your start menu and click on ‘Run..’
    3. type in ‘msconfig’ in the field and hit enter
    4. click on the ‘Startup’ tab
    5. click on ‘Disable All’ button at the bottom
    6. click ‘Apply’ and then ‘OK’

    this process helped me disable the virus from starting up, giving my computer the ability to run normally. from there you should be able to download the programs mentioned above to remove the virus.

    hope that helps!