Stop “Tweak Repair, Enhance and Protect from Xportsoft” Pop-up



I can’t find a good advise in removing the pop-up called “Tweak Repair, Enhance and Protect from Xportsoft Technologies”. My antivirus marked the site as risky and harmful so I was not able to browse the site. But, the pop-up constantly appears whenever I am browsing the web. I have read some procedures from the other site but their recommendation wants me to buy their program, which to me is a bit fishy. Why would I pay for the program that has no guarantee in removing Tweak Repair, Enhance and Protect from Xportsoft Pop-up?

I’m a bit knowledgeable to computer and software stuff so don’t be hesitate to give me even difficult procedures. However, like anyone else, I still prefer quick but efficient ways to stop the pop-up.


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