Stop “Recommended for You” Pop-up



Hi, I am suffering from a browser redirect virus. Most of the time, my Internet browser is pointed to various web sites that shows advertisements. Apart from that I also get a link that when clicked will display a “Recommended for You” pop-up ads. The ads are small and appears at the bottom right corner of my screen. It is very annoying. All I can do is minimize the pop-up ads and that’s the time that it will be shown as “Recommended for You” small box.

Some of the ads show these messages:
“How to fix stack overflow. Fix stack overflow in minutes. Even beginners can do this.”
“Searching for page enhancement suite. Discover and compare hundreds of page enhancement suite point link save.”

There are also instances that the pop-up ads are inside an iPhone box at the lower right portion of my screen. Please tell me how to remove this ad. Thanks

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