Stop Online Piracy MoneyPak Virus



Stop Online Piracy MoneyPak virus has locked my computer. I can’t find any other way to make use of it. Programs and Internet are not accessible; I am posting this through my tablet. The virus is called Stop Online Piracy Automatic Protection System.

It first appeared when I click a link from facebook. I never thought that it was a harmful link. A trusted friend sent it to me. Right after I click on the link, my computer goes crazy for a while, shows some errors and closes all programs. Then, it returns to normal. After that, my antivirus pop-ups and detects a Trojan Ransom or something.

Now, my antivirus is disabled. Stop Online Piracy MoneyPak Virus blocks my access to the computer. Safe mode is not working either. I guess the only way to defeat this virus is to start the PC with other boot device and scan. How can I do that? Please help me.


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