Stop Binbit Amob Scam (



Hi, I tried downloading a program from certain web site. Before it allows me to proceed, I was instructed to fill-up some fields and that includes my mobile number. After submitting requested information, the file I requested was never delivered. In the end, I just realized that the whole process is a scam. It just subscribe me to Binbit Music Club, Entertainment Factory, and Club EFactory.

Now, I keep on receiving messages on my mobile phone. What is very frustrating about this Stop Binbit Amob scam is it deducts certain amount while I was subscribe into it. Here are the messages I keep on receiving daily.

“You can now start enjoying Binbit Music Club! You just received 1 credit. Click on to browser and get an mp3 tones.”

“You have just earned 1 credit! To redeem you will be receiving a wap link where you can browse and download contents.”

“You now have access to Entertainment Factory! Get your 2 games from Enjoy it for only P10. To know more, text EF Help to 2474 for free.”

Please tell me how to unsubscribe and stop Binbit, Entertainment Factory, and other scam from charging my mobile phone account.

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