Solving “PC Status: Potentially Unprotected”



Microsoft Security Essentials installed on my computer keeps showing “PC Status: Potentially Unprotected”, in orange background. It is presently active and I just tried to update it but it seems to have the most recent files and database.

“PC Status: Potentially Unprotected” keeps on appearing when I open MSE. There were times that it pop-up on itself. I have no idea if this is cause by a virus. Prior to this issue, my computer was infected with a virus or Trojan that almost made the computer useless. The only thing I did is scan it with my antivirus program after running System Restore. There is no problem encountered or whatsoever while cleaning the PC. “PC Status: Potentially Unprotected” is the only thing abnormal that happens since then.

Please help me stop this “PC Status: Potentially Unprotected” alert coming from Microsoft Security Essentials. It is so annoying and distracts me from doing my work. I just don’t know if it is possible to reinstall MSE on my Windows. If you have something to say on solving this issue, please let me know.


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