“Software download complete” pop-up



After visiting several mp3 web sites, I am now experiencing some issues on the computer. It slows down a bit. Also, browsing the Internet is not as fast as before. One more thing, a pop-up about “Software download complete” appears on my taskbar.

I am thinking of this as a virus that wanted to enter my PC. So, clicking on neither “Install Now” nor “Install later” button is not my option. Running virus scan with my AV program didn’t help at all. Anti-malware scan also found nothing but a couple of Internet cookies, which was removed immediately.

If there are any persons here receiving the same alert, kindly share your inputs. As you can see, “Software download complete” shows no title. It did not state what software it belongs. So, I still thought of it as another trick from malware authors just like Adobe or Java update. Can someone confirm if “Software download complete” pop-up a virus or not?

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