Security Shield and Trojan Rootkit Removal Tool



My computer has this Security Shield virus. I scan the system with Norton antivirus and it founds Zeraccess rootkit trojan plus other risks. It quarantined all files; however, it says that it cannot remove the Trojan until I restart the PC. After restarting, I ran another scan and it still detects the Trojan. Also, Security Shield remains and it to me it was more aggressive than it was before I did a reboot.

I did another scan using a different antivirus program but found nothing. It was just a trial version. One thing I am worried about is the presence of Security Shield. It is getting more disturbing and damaging. Now, I cannot see all my links and folders. The virus also blocks my Internet access and I cannot download removal tools anymore. I decided to use my laptop to download programs that can remove the rootkit and Security Shield. Please advise a good one that can eliminate these two threats.

B. Nicolai

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