Removing “wssetup.exe by Perion Network LTD”


matt andersen

My computer is Dell N510 and is running under Windows 7. Few days ago, I started to receive a message about allow installing wssetup.exe by Perion Network LTD. Since I don’t know this thing, I have to block it. The problem is, the pop-up never stops and keeps on receiving it each time I run Windows. The file in question is C:\users\username\AppData\local\temp\90820941\wssetup.exe.

I have tried to delete the wsstup.exe but nothing happens. In fact, it reappears each time I start Windows. Searching this problem on Google shows nominal results. It seems that only few were affected by this wssetup.exe virus or whatever.

Few things I have done to work on this problem include System Restore and scan with anti-virus. Both show no sign of relief. I am still having this Wssetup.exe by Perion Network LTD on the PC. It won’t go away no matter what I do. Anyone here have bright idea to stop this thing from bugging my computer? I will be waiting for answers.


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