Removing Antivirus Security Pro with Activation Code



I am seeing a presence of Antivirus Security Pro on my computer and it is not helpful in any way. After running some research, I found out that this is a virus, malware, rogue program, call it what you want. It’s been on my computer since last night. I remember the last thing I have done before it appear, I opened a linked from email. I knew there is something fishy on the email. It came from a trusted contact but I have a suspicion that it was malicious. I did not need to elaborate the full details.

The presence of Antivirus Security Pro is very troubling. I cannot open a single file or application. When I try, the fake antivirus will pop-up a message telling me that file it infected and needs to be cured with the full version of the program. That is the time that it asks for Antivirus Security Pro activation code or registration key. I known that somehow, I can get this code without buying from this fraud operators. After reading from several instanced of the same infection from various forums, I know that it is easier to remove Antivirus Security Pro after activating it.

Please lend me the serial. Sending links where I can get the activation code can also help me solve this issue quickly.

Thanks for reading this.

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