Remove WhiteSmoke B Customized Web Search



Please help me. I downloaded and installed a program recommended by a friend. Then suddenly all home page of my browser is taken over with WhiteSmoke B Customized Web Search. This virus affects all my browsers namely Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Internet Explorer. I really don’t know how to reset the settings.

As far as I remember, WhiteSmoke B Customized Web Search got installed after loading a multimedia player. I carefully watch on the installation procedure but never prompt for the installation of this. So, I guess it forcefully installed itself without my notice.

I have already removed the culprit program as well as some WhiteSmoke entry on add/remove of control panel. However, those steps did not get rid of the WhiteSmoke B Customized Web Search. It is still occupying home page of my browsers. Scanning the computer with my antivirus program gives no result of virus infection. I am running out of option. What else should I do to uninstall this adware from my computer?


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