Remove virus



I keep on getting various Sponsorship advertisements these days. It is a loop of ads like health and fitness, survey, quiz, and so on. I have antivirus installed on the computer, so I wonder how this type of virus remains undetected. Browser keeps of fetching ads from web site. Even my home page is hijack to show ads from the said address.

This problem started after I have upgraded a flash player. It pop-ups on my system tray and supposed to be a one-click download. After downloading, it prompts to restart my computer and after reboot, I started to see ads.

I never had a chance to see the other address where ads are coming from. There are two more URL that display ads on the computer. But most of the time, the virus will generate ads from My searches are also affected, sometimes, links on the result will keep on redirecting to another address, not the one stated on the actual link.

Please tell me how to remove virus and stops the hijacking process on my computer. I want to remove these Sponsorship ads and return my browser to its normal state.


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