Remove virus



Whenever I browser the Internet, I keep on getting a pop-up advertisements from I suppose a virus has infected my computer. Last program I download was a file from Torrent. I saw signs of irregularities when running the downloaded file, so I cancelled it immediately. I am not sure, but some adware or malware is already installed on the computer causing some pop-ups and redirect to

The pop-up advertisements from the said URL are in random format. Here are the most common things I can see:
– How many triangles to you see in this picture?
– How many hands do you see?
– Shoot the new iPhone 5
– Body Age. Discover what is your real body age.
– Body Age. Personal Test.

I have done several virus scans on my computer but it will help me get rid of the virus. I see no entry on the control panel’s add and remove program so there nothing to be uninstalled.

Thanks in advance to someone in this forum that can tell me the proper removal procedure for this virus. I’ll keep on looking from other forums as well, if I found the correct method of eliminating, I will update this post right away.

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