Remove trojans 80000000.@, 80000032.@, and 80000064.@



After four years of using a computer, this is the first time I was hit by a virus. Since yesterday, I was getting this pop-up alerts about a Trojan 80000000.@, 80000032.@, and 80000064.@. It pop-ups every few minutes and I am very frustrated to stop it and remove whatever virus that causes it.

When I ran Avast scan, it detects a Trojan DNS Changer and instantly put them into the chest. But then again, after several minutes or so, it start bugging me again with alerts about 80000000.@ virus.

I feel that this virus infiltrates my computer when I download a crack file. I run a scan before executing it and come out clean. Few minutes after running the file, my antivirus starts detecting Trojans and viruses on my desktop. I have deleted the file already and scan the system but that does not help either. Please tell me what to do now to remove these Trojans from my ailing computer.


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