Remove the Otshot virus



While browsing some download sites yesterday, I accidentally clicked on a link that downloaded and installed Otshot on my computer. I cannot cancel the installation process so I have to finish it. As soon as it’s done, I browse Add/Remove Programs from Control Panel to remove it. Sadly, I found no entry for Otshot or any similar term like Hotshot. Looking up at Programs and Desktop doesn’t show any signs of the program. No shortcut links at all.

Only sign about the presence of Otshot is every time I open the computer, I received a warning “Cannot open skin”. Then, another couple of warnings will appear before it opens the main program. Process of this software is also not found on task manager of Windows, so I cannot end it.

Otshot keeps on bothering my computer for two days now. Running a virus scan shows no sign of relief. The scan comes clean, no single virus or adware is found on my computer. Please help me uninstall Otshot.


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