Remove redirect virus



Hello there, I have a feeling that my computer is infected with searchab virus. Every time I am browsing the Internet, I am seeing pop-up alerts that endorse cloud-hosting services. Other times, it redirect by browser to gaming web site and unknown pages that I didn’t request. It is some sort of a hijacker malware.

This thing may have started after I installed a program called Privatize VPN. After searching the web, I noticed that it is an adware program that should not be placed in the computer. Since then, I am getting redirected to and other sites. I search for searchab file and it shows that install date is same as the VPN. Since the day I installed this program, I notice that the PC is running slower than before. While browsing the Internet, it takes some time before I can reach the requested page and often, it redirects to

I cannot find a seachab or Privatize VPN in my control panel so how can I remove this virus? Any help I can get from this forum will be highly appreciated.
Thanks a lot.

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