Remove “Related Searches” Sidebar



Just recently, my computer begins to show weird “Related Searches” “T”sidebar. It will just pop-up whenever I am doing online search. Normal online browsing does not show this sidebar. I may not worry about this “T” sidebar if I find it useful. However, with the irrelevant search result, I can confirm that “Related Searches” is worthless.

This thing started to appear when I download a video player. Aside from this sidebar, there is also a toolbar on my Internet Explorer. There is no worry about it, I have taken care and got rid of it with single scan of AdwCleaner. Only problem left unsolved is this “Related Searches” sidebar. I can say that this is the most annoying adware I have ever encountered. It occupies almost half of my screen. There is no way to close or disable this adware.

Looking at my add-on, I can’t see any items relevant to “Related Searches” sidebar. I also check all installed programs but found nothing that can lead me to remove the adware. Please tell me how to remove this thing off my browser.


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