Remove Real Registry Cleaner virus



Hi, this pop-up about Real Registry Cleaner always shows on my computer. It is a fake registry scanner that will show-up on the center of my screen. Another one will pop-up from my system tray, this time it is called Advanced Registry Cleaner.

When I click the one appearing on my system tray, it will open Real Registry Cleaner scanner. This program will start to make trouble when I run Windows. After my login, the malware will instantly run a scan on my computer outside of my command. Then, it tells me that several of my registry entries are damaged by the Trojan. When I clicked on “Repair”, it will open another browser window asking for my credit card or Paypal account.

It is clear to me now that Real Registry Cleaner and Advanced Registry Cleaner are rogue programs. My only problem now lies on its removal. I cannot remove the malware because I don’t have Internet access to download a recommended tool by my friend. Please help me.


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