Remove Qone8 virus and Extended Protection



My Google Chrome browser started to get redirected to few days ago. Since then I am working for a solution to get it off my computer. Running several virus scans were not enough to remove the Qone8 virus. Although, there are couple of threats that was deleted by the scan which I think is relevant to my issue.

Various tools and recommendations from forums and discussion boards didn’t help either. My last hope is to find the malicious extension that was installed on my browser by Qone8. So far I have removed all extension except for one that seems to be reinstalling itself after I restart the browser. This tough extension is Extended Protection 1.8. No antivirus or anti-malware program can detect and delete it from the computer. Reinstalling the browser didn’t help in taking out Extended Protection 1.8 either.

Are there any tools and scanners that can automatically remove Qone8 virus and Extended Protection 1.8? I didn’t mind paying for the program as long as it is effective in cleaning all computer infections I am experiencing right now. My present antivirus program seems to be defective. Replacing it is my priority after I have removed this Qone8 virus.

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