Remove PC Health Kit virus



I have a fairly new laptop, which is used mostly on browsing the Internet. This morning, I received updates about Java. After installing it, this PC Health Kit manages to install itself on the PC. I really don’t know where it originates. My Java update is legitimate as I have checked the URL first before executing the link.

I’m sure that PC Health Kit is one more program that tries to show misleading virus scan on the PC in order to gain money by fixing those troubles. Well, all I can say to malware author is I am not the person who will buy fake antivirus.

Right now, I am scanning the computer with Malwarebytes and later will run another scan with Norton Power Eraser. So far these two programs are helpful in getting rid of malware on my computer. I hope they will also catch the roots of PC Health Kit virus.

I will post the result later to let others know if I have successfully removed the malware. If in case you have other suggestions or tools that I can use to delete PC Health Kit virus, please post your ideas.


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