Remove virus



Please help me. My computer was attacked by this virus. It has taken over home page of Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Firefox. Deleting user profile in Google Chrome did the trick and was completely gone. But on other browsers, I am running out of options. There seems to be no way to get rid of the browser hijacker.

This thing started when I accidentally downloaded a fake Java Update file. After installation, I noticed that hard drive led light is flashing. I know that something is being written onto the hard drive. I just confirmed it, when the computer restarts on its own. Then, I can see this taking over all of the home page.

I uninstalled the fake Java Update and was successfully removed all other potentially unwanted programs from the computer except for Running various anti-virus scans didn’t help in solving the issue. There is also no entry of Conduit or some sort on Control Panel so I guess there is no way to uninstall it from that area.

Please help me remove browser hijacker. It is manipulating my browser and all searches. It also redirects to various web sites that I think are malicious.

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