Remove Installmac Search (



I have a problem with my Macintosh system. My default search engine was overtaken by installmac after downloading a program which is supposed to be an update. I just noticed the problem when I opened Safari browser, it is now set to

I was able to find a removal tool from installmac website. They provide this small uninstall program. After that, was removed from the home page. However, after several days, it came back to conquer the home page once more. This is the dilemma I am dealing with right now. I don’t know how can I delete this virus totally.

I have run a couple of virus scan plus another one online scanner. All of them returned a clean report. I supposed is not really a virus infection. It was rather an adware or some sort of harmful plug-in made for browsers. Nevertheless, it is not my concern. I wanted to remove from the home page and I need to delete all its data on the computer. Please help me.


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