Remove virus



I need help. I have an adware on my computer that sets my home page to It shows a “Search This” box that is very similar to Google. I have no idea how this virus have entered my computer since the PC is equipped with antivirus program.

This adware or virus as someone may call it bothers my browsing. It seems that it interacts with the way how I browse the net. The adware may be collecting data from my search because later on it will launch a link containing my search keywords or phrases. offers a new search on its own way.

Please help me remove this browser redirect or hijacker from the browser. I have look at the programs, add-on, extension, and plug-in but haven’t seen any apps relevant to With the virus scan I have run on my computer, I can say that it is helpless.

I want to restore Windows to a previous point but I am not certain if it will resolve the problem. Moreover, I am worried of losing programs that were present on the computer. Please tell me what to do.


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