Remove virus


webmaster virus has taken over my computer. Each time I open my browser, the home page is set to this address. It is annoying. Browser always gets redirected to advertisements web sites and online survey.

I am using two Windows accounts, one is restricted and the other one has administrative privilege. I noticed that virus done much damage on my admin account. When I run Internet Explorer, all I can see is blank page but with the same web address. Bookmarks are all gone, may the malware deleted it all. Whatever the purpose, I have no clue.

I did a reset on my Internet Explorer and that solves the issue for missing items. However, the redirect problem still persists. I try to search for files about deluxeforthefuture but couldn’t find it anywhere. Running malwarebytes anti-malware didn’t help either.

I just hope someone on this forum can help me remove the virus on my PC.


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