Remove redirect virus



Please help me. My Internet Explorer keeps on redirecting to My computer suffers from this malware for two days now and I can’t find any matching solution.

This is what happened. I perform a Google search. Its shows the result so I click on one link, then, my browser displays blank page that has a URL of If not blank page, it will hijack my browser and post advertisements.

I have run several antivirus tools like Malwarebytes, Spybot, and Housecall but to no avail. Malwarebytes found one Trojan Dropper and the other programs reported no infections. I have uninstall Internet Explorer for a couple of times but that doesn’t resolve the problem either. Even disabling all add-ons on my browser is not effective.

I am planning to reformat my computer If I will not be able to find a solution. However, if I can find better result, I am willing to take a risk. That would be easier that erasing the whole hard drive.

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