Remove on New Tab



Each time I open a new tab on Google Chrome and Firefox, I get this Findr search box. The tab is redirected to address I already scan the computer with ad-adware and superantispyware that founds dozens of malicious files. The programs deleted all of them; however, they may have bypass removing data from These two programs are my main tools whenever I encounter hijackers and toolbars. Today, the software has failed to nail the adware.

This Findr thing that opens in new tab is very annoying. Before, my new tab always open up to Google Search. I want it that way and need to remove this virus that has taken over my home page. Please give me complete solution to stop my browser from being redirected to this unknown search. I need to stop the new tab hijacking caused by I am worried that things might get worse in the coming days so I have to act now.

Free tools to instantly delete this adware on the browser are much appreciated. I am not capable of editing system functions so please do not ask me to edit registry or something. Give me solution that automatically removes Findr.

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