Remove FBI Virus from Mac OS X



I have been reading a lot about an FBI virus (MoneyPak Scam) infecting many PC users before. I never have an idea that hackers will also target Mac OS X systems. I am an Apple Mac user ever since. With a good operating system, I seldom catch a virus even without an antivirus installed. I am very confident that Mac system is virus proof somehow. Until recently, that confidence was shaken off by FBI Virus Mac OS X version.

Each time I open my Safari Browser, I am heading to The web address changes each time I hit refresh button. Though, the screen showing warnings from FBI is consistent. Viewing the properties reveals the following message:

All PC data will be detained and criminal procedures will be initiated against you if the fine will not be paid.”

Please help me remove FBI Virus from my Mac OS X. I will never pay the ransom. Much more I will never buy Moneypak code just to please cyber criminals.

If there are ways that FBI MoneyPak virus can be removed from PC systems, I’m sure it is much easier to delete the malware from Mac OS X systems.

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