Remove redirect virus



My laptop is being bugged by redirect virus. Every search results I clicked when using Google keeps on redirecting to unknown pages mostly advertisements. Home pages of my browsers are now set to Search. I am using Google Chrome and Internet Explorer. Both are affected by the virus. Aside from that, my browsers are also showing toolbars that just appears on that spot. I can’t remember downloading or installing this toolbar.

Right after seeing, I run a virus scan on my computer right away. AVG found nothing except for some cracked files and keygen, which I intentionally downloaded. Adaware scan shows presence of some unwanted Internet cookies. I prefer to delete them. After running those scans, still exists. I have looked on Windows Add/Remove but found to entries of the virus. Despite of setting my home page to Google, the virus doesn’t allow saving the changes I have made.

I decided to remove then reinstall the affected browsers but to no avail. I am running out of options so I am seeking help from this forum. Any procedures or methods to remove completely from my computer will be highly appreciated.


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