Remove Downtango Toolbar virus



Hi there. Sometime this week, I downloaded a program that appears to me as useful in downloading files from Internet. After several hours, I noticed that each time I start my PC, Windows prompts if I want to run Downtango. I’ve search for this and find out that it is some form of malware or virus.

Windows asked if for this software every time, when in fact, my Internet browser is already suffering from this virus. My Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Google Chrome are suffering from Downtango Toolbar. I suspect that the software I have downloaded is the main reason why my browsers are infected with the virus. It gets installed without a prompt.

I already scan the computer with several anti-virus but all found zero infection. I don’t know why security programs are not flagging this software as harmful. It invades my PC so I considered it as some form of attack. Please advise me proper ways to remove Downtango.


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