Remove Default Tab by Search Results, LLC virus



Browsers Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox on my computer are infected with Search Results, LLC virus. It is now set as the default search engine and I do not make those changes. I suppose this browser redirect virus tries to send me to some online advertisement for moneymaking objective of its creators.

So far, I have removed Default Tab add-ons from IE and Firefox. It is still intact in Google Chrome. When I tried to delete it, I am receiving this warning “”Please close Chrome before uninstalling Default Tab”.

I cannot confirm that removing Default Tab add-on clears my computer. So far, I am still seeing that the search result occupies my home page. Same with Chrome, each time I open a new tab, Search Results, LLC will appear.

The time that I install a program linked to Search Results, LLC, my antivirus warns of Virus detection. Too bad, I just ignored the warning and proceed with the installation. If that is the case, why does scan comes clean whenever I run a check on my computer now?

Any help in removing Default Tab by Search Results, LLC is highly anticipated.


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