Remove ContinueToSave Virus



Hello readers,

I am experiencing sudden slow-down on my computer. It affects everything, not just a single program. Each time I browse the web, playing games, or even opening a document file takes a minute to load. I can really feel how slow my PC was during Windows start-up. Also, when I browse the web, ContinueToSave constantly appears on my browser.

I talk to my cousin over the phone, which is a computer technician to find remedy and he said that maybe some malware or adware is compromising the performance. He asked me to download and scan the computer with MalwareBytes and SuperAntispyware. I did what he said and the two programs found several virus infections. Somehow, it helped speed-up the machine and I can say that there are huge improvement. However, ContinueToSave virus is still left on my computer. The scans did not delete this and I think it will give me hard time to deal with it.

If anyone here knows how to remove ContinueToSave from my browser, please share your procedures. If antimalware cannot find it, what other tools should I use to delete this program from my computer?

Thanks in advance to this forum.

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