Remove new tab and redirect



I have an issue with the removal of It starts to bother my browsers since this morning. When I try to click any links or buttons, the browser will open a new tab having the address… After a while it will redirect to various web sites that seems to be localized. The longer I surf the web, the more pop-up and open tabs for will be opened by

Before this thing happens, there is a pop-up of some online offers. I remember clicking one link, but never performed any action. Installed antivirus software on my PC didn’t find anything unusual. Virus scan comes out clean.

I revisit installed programs but never saw recent or new programs. My one last option could be system restore, however, my restore point seems to be blocked or already damaged by adware.

Searching some solutions online leads me to this site. I have observed that I am not the only one dealing with virus. There are many forums and discussions; hence no one serves the right answer. I also noticed that most users are complaining about affecting mostly Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.
Any help you can give me to remove this hijacker, redirect, adware, or call it what you want, will be greatly accepted.

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