Remove virus



Please help me; I am having this problem since this morning. Windows firewall is constantly showing an alert that it is blocking I have checked the reported IP address and noticed that it is the same IP address of my ISP. I am confused but the way I see it, is served on my ISP. Am I right? I am no computer genius so I am completely blind at this issue. There are times that is blocked from IP address 192.168.1.XX which occurs to me are local IP address of my machine.

I have done a search on Internet and found that only few incident of this virus. Nothing was written about this address, where it came from or how can I get rid of it. So, I run a scan using typical virus and malware remover such as Adaware. SuperAntispyware, Norton Power Eraser, and so on. So far, only NPE detects a non-virus threat. It is an adware or potentially unwanted program which I decided to remove. It didn’t stop Windows from showing an alert about

I need help very badly.


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