Remove Bling on home page



Bling has hijacked my home page. It was previously set to Google, but after download a movie conversion program, my home page was gone. It was now showing the Bling search that is a complete mimic of Microsoft’s Bing.

Browsers currently affected are Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. Internet Explorer shows the Bling home page, while Firefox displays Bling as new tab. Also, IE shows greater sing of infection because it now bears the Bling Toolbar that I conceive as unnecessary.

I have no idea how to get rid of this adware from my computer. Searching the web gives me zero result for the removal of Bling. Perhaps, I am the first person to acquire this adware.
I already uninstalled both browser but nothing has change. The adware still exists on my computer. Are there any steps that I overlook in removing Bling redirect from the PC? Scanning with antivirus plus malwarebytes also didn’t resolve the problem. The scans have removed a couple of suspicious files and registry values but Bling was not covered on that procedure.

Please help me.

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