Remove Adware_CriminalFinancial_SProtector



I keep on receiving an alert from Comcast about certain bot or virus infection. Trying to search the web for this kind of virus brings no clear solution. A friend told me to use a tool from xfinity. I visited the site at and this was the result.

Constant Guard Reports
1 Bot Detected
Bot NameTypeLast SeenMore Info
Adware_CriminalFinancial_SProtector Multi-Purpose June 27th 2013, 10:22:09 pm
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Bot Notes: Unclassified
Times Seen: 8

After a few minutes, I run another test and it comes out clean. It’s weird. This Adware_CriminalFinancial_SProtector first appeared last week. At first, I only gets the warning once a day, but as days goes by, level of detection rises. Now, the virus warning appears every 5 minutes or so. I guess it’s about time to focus on solving this issue and never ignore it.
I know there are millions of Comcast/Xfinity users. Please feel free to share your ideas.


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