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My computer is suffering from various pop-ups and viruses. In particular, this AdCash pop-up is extremely causing redirects on the browser. I found no clues as what to remove on the browser setup because there are bunch of add-on that seems to be legitimate. I have used all resources within my capacity to remove AdCash virus but to no avail. To get help from this forum, I posted details about the virus infection.

Signs and Symptoms:
– I only receive AdCash pop-up when using Google Chome
– Browser hijacking occurs when I click on link from search engine. It redirects the browser to illicit web pages
– Some of the text where highlighted and when clicked will attempt to redirect, but in my case, the browser hangs after the process

My Removal Attepts:
– I have run Spybot scan entirely on the computer. It identified a couple of threats but removing them doesn’t help in getting rid of AdCash virus
– Scanning the computer with MBAM found other threats. It has removed some and didn’t fix the others. Perhaps what it didn’t resolve are those that belongs to AdCash
– AVG scans also identified a couple of malware but then again; it leaves the virus on the computer untouched.

Please help me get remove AdCash virus completely. I am running out of ideas to fix this harmed PC.

Rabby K.

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