Remove pop-up



It seems that my computer is infected with a virus called Advertisements from this web site pop-up on my browser each time I try to open or browser any websites. It blocks my view on the requested site and instead browser will be redirected to pages. There are times that my browsing is very sluggish. During this stage, there is a message on my taskbar saying “Waiting for” Computer will stay on this state and nothing will happen until I press Refresh button.

All of this bothering started around 3 days ago when I downloaded a program update. There is this alert from system tray telling me to update the Flash. When I clicked on it, nothing happened and alert stops on showing. But after restarting the computer, that is the time that virus starts to display its functions.

How do I get rid of or block it from my browser. I have run a scan of my Avast antivirus but it didn’t help at all in removing the virus. Another scan with adaware program detected a couple of browser plug-ins but then again it is not enough to stop from popping-up. Don’t know what to do now. Please help me.

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